The Best Laid Plans….

Have you seen, “Manchester by the Sea?” This sad, cinematic depiction of a father’s death, highlights the need for parents to plan, realistically for their minor children. In the film, the father presumes his brother will act as guardian and trustee for his minor son and executes a well thought out Will but for one central flaw. The father had failed to discuss the plan with his brother who (spoiler alert) ultimately declines to serve as guardian or trustee.  This begs the question:

If you have children under 18, have you made plans for them if the unthinkable occurs?

Have you discussed these plans with the people you hope will fulfill them?

If you have not made plans or you have questions about their fulfillment, take a few minutes to speak with an attorney. Properly planning for your children’s future can save them a life time of regrets.

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