Business Law

Business Owner? You must be busy! We know. For your convenience we have phone appointments available. You may request an appointment by calling (541) 738-2445.

Starting a new business?  You likely have a number of questions. As a courtesy to those new to the business world we set aside a half-hour consultation at a flat-rate cost so that you can meet with Kara and discuss your concerns. During the meeting you can talk briefly about what type of entity would be the best for your business venture (LLC, LLP, Corporation etc.), learn how to launch your new business and you will receive some practical advise on what steps to take next. Should you wish to retain our office for formation of your new business entity, we can offer you a flat-rate for creation of the necessary legal documents.

Running a business?  Often small business would like the convenience of an immediate access to an attorney already familiar with the issues and concerns of their company. Please schedule a consultation to meet with Kara about acting as your in-house counsel. We offer value oriented service tailored to your business needs.

Need a Document? Although there are any number of web services you can use to produce documents, hiring the expertise of a business attorney will put you a step-ahead by providing time-saving precise advice and creating documents specific to the needs of your company. Although forms can be great, first you have to spend the time finding the right one, and without the experience of an attorney you may not know what is missing from the form you choose until it’s too late. We can help with your documentation needs and are happy to be a one-time consultant on a contract, lease, term of service documents, or legal paperwork.

To request an appointment you can reach us by phone: (541) 738-2445