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Legal Savvy Series Learn to navigate your way to legally savvy decisions in this series by Kara Daley, Attorney at Law. All classes are held at the Corvallis Senior Center 12-1 pm.  Registration required. $2 per session.

F, Feb. 13:Estate Planning for Busy People Have you been avoiding estate planning?  Did you write a will or a trust long ago and need to update it? Well, you are not alone. Spend one painless (maybe even entertaining) hour learning what you actual need to do and how to take care of the matter once and for all.

Th, February 19: Planning for Parents As our parents grow older, often their children become their support system.  Learn the legal protections to put in place to help your parents age gracefully and avoid costly mistakes in planning. The class will also address emergency planning, community resources and medicaid.

Th, February 26: Special Needs Trusts require special planning.  Because such planning often involved the complex intersection of state and federal law, preparation can be critical in preventing costly mistakes. Join us for: a one hour overview of the different types of special needs trusts, a discussion of when each type of trust is needed and an brief introduction on how to manage the trust once established.

Th, March 5: Starting a Small Business Do you have an idea?  Are you ready to take the plunge and open a business?  Learn the critical steps to take in planning and operating your own small business. The class will discuss the different types of business entities (LLC, LLP, Corporation etc.),  how to launch your new business and provide practical advise on how to maintain the business once its up and running.

F, March 13: Planning for PI Settlement Often a personal injury case proceeds to settlement with no thought of how the monetary distribution will effect a beneficiary who is receiving state assistance.  Receipt of a large sum of money will often disqualify an individual from important benefits such as health care, housing, food stamps and SSI.  Learn how a settlement can be set aside in a special needs trust preserving it as a resource for the individual while maintaining their eligibility.  Class is appropriate for individuals and professionals.

F, March 20: SSD – The Third Appeal Applying for Social Security Disability?  Feeling lost?  The class will provide a clear overview of the steps of a social security disability application and provide practical discussions on how to navigate the process.

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