Interesting Times

I myself have never wanted to live in interesting times. I liked my small law practice, my family time and my pets. Fortunately, I also like gardening as I will be doing quite a bit of that in the days to come. Not too much gardening though. There is still quite a bit of work through my office. My office has been set up for some time for telecommuting, though I had hoped to launch that feature more extensively while spending a month exploring Spain or perhaps an unfamiliar beach, but here we are, interesting times.

To all our clients out there, please be assured your cases are being managed. To new clients, we may not have the pleasure of your company but we are prepared to assist you as you too navigate these new challenges. For those who need expedited services, we plan to devote Mondays to powers of attorney and simple wills while you wait (in the comfort of your car). Please call (541)738-2445 or email us for more details at

We are here – though we may need to ask for your patience as our phone system didn’t quite make a smooth transition. Please leave us a message- we hope to chat with you soon about how we can help.

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